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Natural Cures For Insomnia

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11 Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcers

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Natural Cure For Anxiety And Depression

Im so confused and I cant find an answer. I have no symptoms of having a hypothyroid. Yet all my blood tests show that I have a low thyroid. I eat all organic food, take organic supplements including Thyroid Care with iodine and LTyrosine, avoid all foods that would harm my thyroid and eat all the right foods that Dr Axe suggests for hypothyroidism. My doctor now wants to send me to an Endocrinologist. Please can someone explain this to me. Thank you!. Terrible advice, Ashwagandha could really harm you if you have an Autoimmune diseases or Thyroid disorder. Before you even attempt to take this advice, ask a real doctor. I am certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. I studied it for the purpose to help myself get better, not to practice on others. Although I have done everything I learned, I was still suffering. I came across this quotHypothyroidism Revolutionquot by Tom Brimeyer. Have you read his material He too suffered from hypothyroidism and also studied Functional Nutrition and found a solution that worked for him. It is quite different in some aspects of Functional Nutrition and hard to believe but there are many people he has helped. I actually have been trying to follow his plan myself and do feel better but still concerned about some of the aspects. I was wondering if you have read his theories and what you think of it. I respect you and follow your blogs and emails, since you are a Functional Medicine Doctor. I hope to hear from you.

what is the therapeutic dose for selenium. I was surprised you didnt mention Iodine. or is it in one of the items mentioned. I am so happy that there is a natural cure for hypothyroidism. My daughter takes levothyroxine forever and Id love to get her free of those hormones! Should we do this suplements while shes taking the thyroid medication When we should to stop the medication I would love to hear some advise. Thank you very much.

This is the tutorial Ive been searching for, thank you Dr. Axe!. Is selenium ok to take during pregnancy.