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Prepared by Beth Murray, CCH, RSHom (NA) 510.522.2469, www.myanimalhomeopath.com 1 Homeopathic Remedies for Emergencies What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is the use of minute amounts of animal, plant and mineral

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES IN ‘FIRST AID’ APPLICATIONS short booklet of how to respond in an emergency situation to comfort suffering and offer assistance

©Sadhna Thakkar www.homeopathyhealthcare.com (805) 496-0940 1 HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES FOR INJURIES In case of any injury, depending on the severity of the injury, homeopathic remedies have been extremely effective.

Over the Counter Remedy List Revised 3/8/2014 2345 S. Huron Parkway • Ann Arbor, MI 48104 734.973.8990 • Mail Order Available Also found at www.castleremedies.com

Homeopathic remedies are generally made into tiny round pills, tablets, or granules, or presented as liquid remedies in dropper bottles. Younger dogs who are otherwise in good health, physically active, and on a raw diet usually respond quickly to remedies.”

Dogs are usually delighted to see their owners after they have been left for even a short spell of time, homeopathic remedies. The interest shown in homeopathy by the community nursing staff attached to Dr Scott’s practice has led to exciting

The cat on natural homeopathic remedies. Believe it or not, the cat quickly went into full remission 280 The alternative remedies Dr. Ulbrich uses to save the lives of dogs like Marty are described in detail in Chapter 13 of the main Curing Canine Cancer book.

Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies – George Macleod, MRCVS.DVSM.VetFF Hom Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care – C.J. Puotinen Natural Health for Dogs & Cats – Richard Pitcairn, DVM Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats – Diane Stein

Natural Help for Dry Eyes in Pets Pet Dry Eyes What are Dry Eyes? Dogs and cats often suffer from various eye problems. Dry eyes, also known as

And A Very Very Good Homeopathic Remedy I have never beenPharmacy I spotted a homeopathic “ Insect Bite Mixture up this remedy by taking a couple

Imported homeopathic remedies in my previous blogpost . I'mbe wrong). In order to import homeopathic remedies from elsewhere in the EU or

There are a class of homeopathic remedies called nosodesfrom our vast original bank of homeopathic remedies and Mother Tinctures

: 2-3x a day, then 1x a day for about a month. You can read more about homeopathic remedy dosing, potency and methods of delivery here. Like this: Like Be the first

With PMS, including homeopathic remedies for PMS, herbal remediesshould not rely exclusively on homeopathic remedies for treatment. However, a combination