Herbal Remedies Respiratory Problems

By | May 20, 2016

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My husband and I have a bad case of bronchitis. We have been through the whole quotantibiotics, steroids, tesslon perls for coughquot thing and nothing has worked fully. So we are trying this recipe right now I will let you know how it turns out. I do have to say the little garlic chunks are a little quotikkyquot as my grandson says lol but I can stomach them lol. It works.I feel 50 better with the first cup.Thank you. Im going to try it.Feedback will be sent soon.

I did what you said about the onion and it worked ! thank you for the miracle !. Ok I tired this. Had to change the raw honey for pure honey and lime instead of lemons. and i add both ginger and garlic. I LOVE IT. It tasted good however if you are not used to ginger its a bit spicey. it did work i only had 4 cups and im at least 70 better. ty for posting this your a life saver. Thank you Blessings love in Yeshua u003cdelChrist xou003cdel.

It is very dangerous to say it always helps. There is always the chance of someone not getting well or even worse trying this. Put a warning such as you do it on your own accord. is there any substitute for the lemon i knw it stange,but sometimes its hard to find lemons in my area.