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By | May 25, 2016

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Scientist Gets SMASHED On CVS Brand Medicine!.Homeopathy is total bullshit. Most of the time its just sugar pills. In the case of this CVS brand homeopathic constipation relief med that was labeled safe and..

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quotFull of shit You are not alone!quotr r Hahaha! Brilliant!. the editing on this sucks. how many takes did you shoot. Alternet is using your tutorial to bash homeopathy and herbalism just to let you know.

You know mouth wash contains alcohol. I bet an alcoholic would drink vanilla extract to get a buzz too. I worked for a couple of years at a hospital in Germany when I was in the military. Germans use Homeopathic medicine. Its not clear how it works, but for some of my patients, it worked as effectively as allopathic medicine. More studies need to be done. Follow me on Twitter jafbm52.

The person at the checkout counter must have thought you have some real issues seeing you buy 6 bottles for constipation relieve. lol. Hey there Science Babe, Just seen you on the local news in Rhode Island! u003ca relnofollow classothashtag hrefsplus.googles23FameFameu003ca.