Natural Cures Lymphoma

By | May 16, 2016

Woman Rejects Chemo, Cures Lymphoma With Juicing

Woman Rejects Chemo, Cures Lymphoma With Juicing,The doctor said Nutrition wont hurt you but its not going to help. Given 2 years to live this woman rejected this death sentence and healed herself naturally..

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Nuro Weidemann On Healing Naturally With Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Nuro Weidemann On Healing Naturally With Non Hodgkins Lymphoma,Nuro Weidemann was diagnosed with nonHodgkins Lymphoma in 2009 after finding a small lump in her breast. At first doctors thought she had breast cancer..

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Follicular Lymphoma Non Hodgkins Roadmap To Cure.Natural spontaneous regression of follicular lymphoma. Lifestyle. Epigenetics. Nutrition. Diet. Exercise. Vitamin D. Sleep. Precision matching..

Kapil Arn On Healing Naturally With Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.Over 18 years ago Kapil was diagnosed with non Hodgkins sub cutaneous TCell Lymphoma. Doctors said he may live for five years but only if he took..

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Natural Medicine Successfully Treats Cat IBD And Low Grade Lymphoma.Fran had a sick cat that was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and low grade lymphoma. She avoided giving her animal steroids by treating it naturally..

Natural Medicine Successfully Treats Cat IBD And Low Grade Lymphoma

Im glad it works for you, some people are Blind to the fact that quotwe are what we eatquot. Shame on you giving people false hope. If people could cure their cancer that easily it would be simple. Hang on Ill just cure my husband! We have always eaten well and excersized. No matter what your diet is or who you are cancer can strike you. A good diet is important but not a cure. yayr chemo cancer sucks.

izzy smit, You can try anything you like. Only XanGo has helped the cancer patients I know. Some have tried other juices and some the mangosteen powders, to no avail. But you have perfect freedom to choose what you like.nnBlessings!nArthur. Casper friendly, I have seen the xrays and CAT scans, and can tell you that Jon was attended by one of the Texas quotsuperdoctors,quot one of the best oncologists in the USA, the oncologist who cared for Lance Armstrong when he had cancer. The chemo that almost killed Jon was very aggressive ABVD, and as he reported both the chemo and maximum radiation did NOT stop or reverse his cancer.nnBlessings!nArthur. as a primary refractory hodgkins patient I find myself questioning why this young man would 1st say quothe was sent home to diequot when 85 of hodgkins patients even with advanced stages are cured 1st line treatment second he fails to mention what type of chemo he received. also does not mention that stem cell transplants are preformed as close to a full remission as possible and will only be preformed after 1st line has failed. do not dismiss the juice completely. but about some accuracy.

Hi,nis there any reason it has to be XanGo brandncongratulations on your recovery. God Bless you Jon. Im a naturopath who has helped many people naturally. Im currenly helping my wifes husband with his lymphoma, which I know will go the same way with doctors as you experience. I put him on a natural protocol and expect his lymphoma will soon be history. I came across your testimonial and will be sending the link to him for inspiration and support. Stay well Jon, and remember that most diseases are acquired, not genetic. Feed your system alkaline foods to maintain balance.